Spin Brake Repair Procedures
Read the following repair procedures and decide if you could successfully replace your transmission.

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Installing the New Transmission

  1. (Figure 1) The new transmission kit (WH38X10002) comes with a new tub seal in a bag wired to the spin brake housing. Note that the new transmission has a spin brake friction ring wired to the housing. Leave the wires in place for now.
  2. (Figure 2) Position the tub upside down and slide the new transmission shaft down into the hole in the bottom of the tub. Remove the plastic bag holding the new seal from the wire but leave the wire in place.
  3. (Figure 3) Place the drive support platform over the transmission spin brake housing and line up the two larger holes with the ferrules in the spin brake friction ring. Make sure the 4 transmission bolt holes line up with the spin brake housing and start the bolts finger tight.
  4. (Figure 4) Once the 4 bolts have been started, clip the two wires and remove them. Tighten the 4 bolts. The two allignment ferrules should be flush now as shown below.
  5. (Figure 5) Line up the 4 legs of the drive platform with the bolt holes in the tub. Install the bolts and tighten.
  6. (Figure 6) Place the drive pulley on the transmission shaft and put the belt back around the motor pulley and the drive pulley. Tighten the nut holding the drive pulley in place.
  7. (Figure 7) Tighten the belt by inserting a flat-blade screwdriver between the motor and the platform to pry the motor away from the drive pulley while tightening the motor mount bolts.
  8. (Figure 8) Swing the overflow tub back up alongside a platform leg and secure it with a tiewrap.
  9. Flip the tub assembly over right side up to make it ready for installing the spin basket.

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New transmission

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Remove transmission bag

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Spin brake ferrules

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align ferrules flush

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Tighten bolts

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Install drive pulley

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Tighten belt

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Install overflow