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Water Temperature Control

The water temperature control provides the current to the water inlet valves which govern the flow of hot and/or cold water into the washer. Hot, cold or warm options are provided for both wash and rinse on many machines. Economy models will integrate at least the wash temperature into the wash cycle control. The rinse temperature may be designed to always be cold.

The water temperature control is a simple rotary switch configured to offer the various combinations of hot, cold and warm for the wash and rinse functions. If warm is selected for the wash cycle, both the hot and cold water inlet mixing valve solenoids are energized when the fill function is enabled. If cold is selected for the rinse function, only the cold water inlet mixing valve solenoid is energized when the fill function is enabled during the rinse function.

The hot water hose's filter screen is prone to plugging up with scale and calcium deposits. Select hot water only while the washer is filling and then switch over to cold only. Was there a difference in water flow rate? If so, you should turn the water off and clean the filter screens in the hose and at the water inlets to the washer.