Spin Brake Repair Procedures
Read the following repair procedures and decide if you could successfully replace your transmission.

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New GE Washer

Completely Redesigned

The new washer has been completely redesigned from top to bottom and does not share any parts with the old style washer. A plastic tub similar to the one that Whirlpool uses in their direct drive washers eliminates the rusting problem. The spin basket is also plastic. The water pump sits off in a corner and has its own motor. A timer with a plastic case and a water inlet valve have been designed for this washer. And finally, the spin brake is integrated into the transmission.

Most Frequent Failure: Spin Brake

The spin brake is failing in this new washer. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that the spin brake is built into the transmission and in order to repair it, the entire transmission has to be replaced!

What to Look For

The spin brake stops the basket from spinning after the spin cycle has finished and during all other cycles such as agitate. When the spin brake fails, the basket takes a long time to stop after the spin cycle is through and the basket will start to spin during the agitate cycle. This is not good for several reasons:

  1. GE designed a tub overflow into this washer that has an inlet about 5 inches below the top of the tub. A spinning basket during the agitate cycle will throw the water up the side of the tub due to centrifugal force until it starts coming out the overflow and runs out on the floor under the washer!
  2. In desparation, you might try to work around this problem by putting less water in the tub and washing smaller loads. The smaller amount of water and the clothes will be pushed up against the side of the tub during the agitate cycle and the agitator will not get the clothes clean.
  3. The washer is not safe. Anyone opening the washer lid will be faced with a basket spinning at very high speeds long after the motor has been disengaged. This is very dangerous for anyone sticking their hands into the clothes while attempting to stop the basket!

What are Your Options?

Washer is in Warranty (less than 3 yrs old)

If your washer is in warranty you have the following options with associated costs:

  1. You can call an authorized GE repairman to come out and confirm that the spin brake has failed. The repairman will arrange for a new transmission to be shipped from GE and will install it at your cost when it arrives. Nominal cost: ~$200 (Diagnostic service call for $50 and $150 to install)
  2. Get the repairman to agree to waive the diagnostic fee and just charge the installation fee. Nominal cost: ~$150
  3. Call GE Customer Support at 1-800-386-1215 and convince them that you are positive the spin brake has failed and to ship the transmission (Kit No. WH38X10002) to your home address. Use the detailed procedures on this web site to install the new transmission. Nominal cost: long periods of time on the telephone with GE customer support people and their supervisors.

Important Information: If your free transmission obtained under warranty fails more than 3 years after the original washer purchase date, you don't get any more free transmissions. Getting rid of the washer is your best option here. Or, if you haven't had enough of this washer, check into an extended warranty before your original warranty runs out.

Washer is Not in Warranty (more than 3 yrs old)

If the washer is out of warranty you have the following options:

  1. Have an authorized GE repairman diagnose the problem, provide a transmission at your cost and install it. Nominal cost: ~$250 It would be better to get rid of your old washer and buy a new Whirlpool or Maytag washer.
  2. Buy a new transmission (Kit No. WH38X10002) and convince a friend to help you install it using the detailed procedures on this web site. Nominal cost: ~$150 for the transmission plus whatever it costs to bribe your friend to install it. If you don't want to do business with GE, order it from this link: RepairClinic.com, Inc.
  3. Buy a new transmission (Kit No. WH38X10002) and install it yourself using the detailed procedures on this web site. Nominal cost: ~$150