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Water Level Control

The amount of water in the tub is determined by the water level control.

Air Dome Air Dome Animation

A plastic air chamber called an "air dome" is attached to the side of the outer tub, down near the bottom (Figure 1). As the water fills the tub, some of it flows into the air dome and compresses the air. The pressurized air is carried up to the water level control switch in the control console. The air pressure presented to a diaphram in the level control switch is porportional to the water level in the tub. There must be no air leaks in this path. The compressed air moves a diaphram in the water level control switch which is mechanically linked to the position of the water level control knob setting on the control panel. If the knob is positioned for a low water level, the diaphram only has to move a very small distance before the switching action takes place.

An electrical current (Figure 2) flows in one of two directions through the level control switch: (1) to the water mixing valve solenoids via the water temperature switch to permit water to fill the tub or (2) to the drive motor and agitate controls to enable the wash cycle to begin. Therefore, when the diaphram in the water level control causes the switch to move from position (1) [fill] to (2) [wash] the water inlet valve closes and the wash cycle begins.

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Control Console

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Fill Control Diagram