Tips and Procedures
Learn how to restore appliances to the appearance and function they had when new.

Hard to Find Parts

Washers, Dryers and Refrigerators

See the yellow page directory for businesses that sell and ship new parts for major appliances. Many of these businesses stock parts for models dating back 20 or 30 years. Try the 1-800 numbers first to search their parts inventories.

Gas Ovens and Range Tops

I get lots of e-mail requesting parts for old gas ovens and range tops. They are relatively simple and last a long time. Some of them are passed down from generation to generation and some restoration is generally required. A thorough cleaning goes a long way but sometimes a gas valve or other part is needed.

I live in Texas so I have only come across one company in Austin that specializes in parts for old gas ranges. Here is the information that you will need to get in touch with them:

Appliance Associates

814 Romeria Dr

Austin, TX 78757

Ph (512) 454-5896