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GE Ejector-Mold Icemaker


GE Ejector-Mold Icemaker

The GE icemaker made little ice cylinders that behaved very well in through-the-door ice dispensers. Except for their white color, they looked very similar to cubes from a Scottsman cocktail icemaker.

The GE icemaker has a shaft that comes up through the bottom of the mold to eject the cubes. The water seal on this shaft has a nasty habit of leaking water down into the bin to make block ice. If the icemaker is feeding a bin off to one side, the water forms a glacier in the freezer section. A seal repair kit is available to remedy these undesirable features.

GE gave up on this icemaker in the early 1980's and installed the Whirlpool compact icemaker in their refrigerators. If you get tired of replacing seal kits in your old GE icemaker, there is a kit (IM2) containing a shiny new Whirlpool compact icemaker to replace the GE unit.

Ejector Seal Kit Replacement

If the ice cubes have been replaced by a block of ice in the bin, the ejector shaft seal is leaking water into the bin. A new seal kit must be installed.