Proper Operation
Learn how your appliance is supposed to operate so you can determine if it is malfunctioning.

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Generic Gas Dryer

Gas dryers have a gas burner instead of the electric heater coils in an electric dryer. Gas burners and their components are very similar for all of the major brands so this generic section will usually help you with most of your heating problems.

Heating Problem Diagnostics

Observe gas burner operation

Actual observations of the burner and burner ignitor functions will be required to start to diagnose heating problems.

Many gas dryers have an access panel that can be removed to observe operation of the gas burner assembly. That panel is always located in front of the dryer cabinet at the bottom. Sometimes it exposes the entire bottom of the interior of dryer and sometimes it only lets you watch the burner.

Some gas dryers are designed with a one piece front panel. On these there is sometimes a 'peep hole' in the lower part of the front panel. That peep hole often has a snap-in plug covering it which can be removed to observe operation of the burner and ignitor.

Other models with a solid front have no peep hole making observation of the burner operation difficult. The dryer and burner will not function properly with the whole front panel removed.

Check Mark

Will Not Heat

The drum turns but the igniter does NOT glow:

  • A thermal fuse or safety protector may have failed.
  • A thermostat may have failed.
  • The ignitor may be defective.
  • The radiant sensor may be electrically open.
  • The heat contacts of the timer may have failed.

The drum turns and the igniter glows, cycling on and off:

The drum turns and the igniter glows continuously:

  • There is no clacking sound as the gas valves open and there is no flame ignition sound. The radiant sensor may be shorted.

Check Mark

Only Heats Initially

Igniter glows then burner ignites once. Flame goes out but NO igniter glow afterward:

  • If the burner goes out and the ignitor does not glow again, power to the burner has been interrupted. Check all thermostats, timer and wiring to the burner assembly. Overheating of one of the dryer's thermostats is possible.

Check Mark

Dries Too Slowly

  • Check operation of the gas burner and ignitor at time of failure. It may be intermittent.
  • Check for blockage in the dryer vent hose all the way to the outdoors.
  • Make sure the lint filter is clean.
  • Check the operating thermostats.
  • Inspect the drum seals for wear and possible leakage.
  • Check for loose blower fan.