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Electric Range Electronic Control

Electronic control system

Most newer ranges and ovens use an electronic control system to regulate oven operations. Such a system consist of an electronic control in the control panel and an oven temperature sensor mounted in the oven cavity. The oven temperature sensor is a thermistor which changes resistance depending on ambient temperatures. The sensor is connected to the control by electrical wiring.

The control reads the resistance changes in the sensor and reacts, opening and closing electrical relays to switch power to the oven elements on and off. In most cases those relays are an integral part of the electronic control although some control designs use a separate relay board to control the actual switching of power to the elements. On such a system wiring connects the relay board to the main electronic control board.

Electronic controls can be programmed to do all sorts of things it was not possible for a conventional hydraulic thermostat to do. It can turn the elements on at full power (240 volts), half power (120 volts) or mix and match power and which elements are powered in an attempt to create the best baking solution. Consult the technical data for your particular model to see exactly how your oven is designed to function.

Electronic control board
Electronic control board