Proper Operation
Learn how your appliance is supposed to operate so you can determine if it is malfunctioning.

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The drain function is started by reapplying current to the drive motor approximately one minute after the termination of the wash or rinse function. When power is removed from the agitate coil on the wig wag, the plunger drops down. The plunger will drop into the lower slot of the agitate slide bar when the motor starts and the wig wag starts its back and forth motion. The agitate slide bar will be shifted back into the drain mode by the plunger. The agitator gear fork then slides back up to the top of the agitator slide bar and the agitator shaft is disconnected from the sector gear. The water pump shift lever is moved back away from the gearcase into the drain mode. Water now leaves the tub from the bottom and passes out through the manifold trap, water pump, an optional self-cleaning filter and then the drain hose.

The duration of the drain function is programmed into the timer. A liberal amount of time is allowed for the pump to completely drain a full tub. There are no sensors to tell the timer when the tub has drained. If everything is operating properly, the washer will completely drain in slightly more than half of the time allowed by the timer.

An important fact to remember for later troubleshooting is that if power is removed from all controlling elements and the motor still runs, the washer should only drain water.