Spin Brake Repair Procedures
Read the following repair procedures and decide if you could successfully replace your transmission.

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Closing the Cabinet

This procedure will get the cabinet buttened up for the final assembly.

  1. (Figure 1) Rest the cabinet top close enough to its final location so that the wires will reach to reconnect the lid switch connector.
  2. (Figure 2) Slide the two halves of the connector together.
  3. (Figure 3) Now position the tabs on the back of the cabinet top into the slots under the control console and push back until the brackets on the front edge of the cabinet are flush with the front surface of the side panels. Replace the screw for each side.
  4. (Figure 4) Position the bottom of the front panel over the clips on the bottom and then swing the top of the panel back until the top clips snap into place.
  5. This concludes the reassembly of the cabinet. Move the washer to its normal location and test for proper operation.

Figure 1 (Return)

Move cabinet to final location

Figure 2 (Return)

Reconnect lid switch connector

Figure 3 (Return)

Position tabs on top of cabinet

Figure 4 (Return)

Swing panel back until top clips snap into place