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Checking the Dryer Vent

Blocked Dryer Vents

Slow drying is one of the most frequent customer complaints. Often times there is nothing wrong with the actual dryer. The dryer heats air going into the dryer drum. This warm dry air picks up moisture from the clothing and blows it out the vent. If the vent is blocked because of a kinked vent or a build up of lint, the dryer can not move the moist air away from the drum and the dryer just grinds away, taking hours to get the clothes dry.

Go to the end of the dryer vent where it exits the house and verify that there is a strong blast of hot air coming out when the dryer is running. If not, disconnect the dryer vent at the blower outlet and look for lint buildup. Long runs up through walls to the attic and out walls are prime suspects for lint blockage. If the airflow is slowed down in a long vent, the moisture will condense into the lint to make a lint slush that is hard to drag out of the vent. A 10 foot length of 3/4 inch PVC pipe with an elbow on one end makes a good lint rake for those long, straight horizontal runs of rigid metal ducting.